Another First in Ireland for Anglo Printers


Another First in Ireland for Anglo Printers

GMG Colour Management, Ink Optimisation and Fogra Certification at Anglo Printers:

GMG & ColorProof & Epson SC-P 9000V with ILS30 inline Spectro - improved proofing quality.

As our customers' jobs grow in complexity and the range of print substrates increases, the use of GMG ColorProof from January 2020 allows us to produce Fogra certified proofs to all relevant standards. We can now proof 98.9% of the Pantone Range thanks to the addition of a violet ink set built in to the new Epson proofer. All proofs are verified to the relevant standard and the Delta E tolerances are printed on the proof to show that it compiled to the required Fogra & G7 standards.

GMG Color Server /GMG Smart Profiler 

Consistent and reputable production from customer files are now achievable as standard at Anglo Printers as GMG ColorServer reliably automates tasks such as transparency flattening and CMYK colour conversion to defined industry standards, ISO, Fogra, G7 etc

We can also achieve consistent and repeatable print quality on different printing systems and substrates, as GMG SmartProfiler now controls output across all our print devices in Litho, Digital and Wide-Format, no matter what press manufacturer - so now output to Komori, Heidelberg, Agfa, Mimaki and Ricoh devices are all uniform. Brand consistency is guaranteed across cut-sheet paper and rigid/roll digital materials.

Enhanced PDF FILE handling - GMG ColorServer utilises the latest PDF engine from Adobe, ensuring PDF's are rendered with the correct intent.

Enhanced Digital Print - GMG ColorServer gives outstanding Spot colours to CMYK conversions - it is now possible to accurately convert spot colours utilising the full colour space of the output device.

GMG InkOptimizer This excellent addition will help us achieve our Environmental goals in 2020, by reducing our ink usage on press by 18 to 20%. We will retain excellent print quality, and even offer improvements including image enhancement, sharpness & outstanding grey balance.

Anglo Printers have now achieved Full Fogra compliance & certification including the latest Fogra 51L & Fogra 52L standards allowing for papers/substrates using optical brighteners (OBA's).

More information on GMG Color can be found at

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