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Litho Printing

 Litho printing at Anglo Printers

In our Litho Printing Hall we have a vast and formidable range of litho printing presses, ranging in size from small offset A4 and A3 to large format B1 size. All these presses are calibrated to our proofing and workflow systems, to ensure consistent colour management and quality control to Europe ISO Fogra 27, the European print industry standard for litho printing. The main presses are a B1 Komori LS540 and our new Komori GL540C H-UV, which is the 1st of it's kind in Ireland. Both of these presses offer the most advanced Smart Start Press Intelligence Systems in the world, ensuring our customers receive 'Print-On-Demand'.

Steve Turner of Komori UK explains "The new Komori H-UV press is at the leading edge of print technology.  It brings improved quality, faster turnaround times, unique design options and class leading Eco credentials. Investing in the Komori H-UV system allows Anglo Printers to offer its customers a myriad of deluxe and visually impactful finishes, produced on a variety of unusual substrates.  But perhaps the best innovation is that the H-UV system ensures that print jobs (even on substrates) can be cut and folded immediately after printing. This eliminates the need to leave work standing for hours before being dry enough to process"

The 'G' of the Lithrone GL40 stands for 'Green'. This symbolises Komori and Anglo's stance on the environment. The GL40 promotes Green printing by reducing consumable and energy usage and lowering the carbon footprint of print. With Komori's revolutionary KHS-AI technology at its core and a max printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the Lithrone GL40 is nothing other than the ultimate high performing printing press.

Benefits of H-UV Printing

Shorter Total Turnaround Time

Improved Productivity

Deluxe & Impactful Sensory Finishes

Improved Quality due to powderless operation


We produce books, magazines, prospectus, programmes, posters, brochures, stationary, marketing material and packaging within our litho printing press room. Any of these products can be printed at any size ranging from A4 to B1.

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