Graphic Design & Prepress

The Creative Team at Anglo Printers provide imagination, colour, and eye-catching origination. Our graphic design services deliver superb graphic visuals for all elements of your artwork. Our in-house Graphic Designers have a very extensive knowledge of industry-leading software — Adobe Creative Suites, Fuji XMF Workflow, Enfocus Switch, GMG Colour Management, XM Pie, Easy Catalog, and Filemaker to deliver a high-quality output of your created artwork.


We can create logos and artwork for all types of print items in our Creative Suite, and can also accept your already designed files for proofing, output, and printing. Our graphic design and prepress team use Fuji XMF Workflow to handle file movement throughout the prepress process, managing the file and maintaining its integrity.
Graphic Design & Prepress Services at Anglo Printers

See how quickly you receive your electronic proofs from our Enfocus Switch Proofing Module, which are despatched to you automatically as ripped PDF's for viewing or downloading on a simple eproof, which you can approve at the touch of one button, and your proof is whisked directly to print production. You can do this remotely from your phone, tablet, or PC at any time of the day that suits you.


Using our on-site Screen 8900 and 8300S Computer-To-Plate devices and Fuji XMF workflow, we run a 200 line screen (coated paper) & 150 line screen (uncoated paper), AM square dot, to deliver unparalleled high definition printing plates at 2,400 dpi.


You are assured of Colour Consistency across all our Litho, Digital and Wide Format devices as we provide a GMG Colour Management Certified Proof to be press matched in the production process.


If you need Graphic Design or Prepress Services for any of your print items, trust Anglo Printers to deliver your Creative for impact, and through a verified and trusted process with complete file integrity.

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