Your packaging helps to differentiate your brand and your product, from those of your competitors' and therefore plays a significant role in marketing. The product sleeve, box or package also has a practical use as it serves to protect your product from getting damaged whilst in transit. In the era of live video and the popularity of unboxing products via social media channels such as YouTube, professional custom printed packaging plays a huge part in your company's branding.

Packaging at Anglo PrintersWe can print customised packaging to suit your brand's needs. Our in-house and prepress design team can help you to create stunning graphics for your packaging.  

Investing in the Komori HUV Print system allows us to offer you a myriad of deluxe and visually impactful print finishes.

You can choose from a range of production processes, including HUV Printing, Die-cutting and Creasing, Folding and Gluing, Embossing and Foil Blocking, even Window Patching

Boxes and cartons can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

We can help deliver all your packaging needs including printed folded cartons, product sleeves, boxes, tent cards, strut cards and a variety of other products.

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