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Andy Byrne celebrates 25 years at Anglo Printers
Mon Jul 16, 2018


We recently had a presentation to Andy Byrne our Prepress Manager on his 25-year work anniversary at Anglo Printers. Our MD Padraic Kierans presented Andy with a cake and a gift to celebrate his long service with the company.

Andy first ended up working in Anglo Printers after a chat with a kind dinner lady whilst completing a FAS course in 1992. She knew that Andy was interested in Graphic Design and suggested he try Anglo Printers for work experience. Andy completed the course and work experience and decided to do a Graphic Design Course in 1993. He approached Johnny Kierans looking for his first job.

"When I started working here the factory was a large shed. It has evolved into a building three times the size and the work force has more than doubled over the years. I worked for Johnny Kierans when I started first. After a few years Padraic Kierans took over as MD. I remember our production manager Donnach Callan starting out as a print apprentice in the early days of his career." said Andy.

"I started out working as a compositor and typesetter in Anglo Printers. At the time the work was manual instead of computers. No high-tech Apple Mac's in those days. We had to shoot film with a camera and develop in a dunk tank in a dark room to make a plate. It used to take 20 minutes to produce one plate. We moved to using Apple Mac's a few years later and they were amazing. With technological advances the electronic print files now move from computer to plate automatically in a minute. The technological advances over the years have brought huge benefits for both Anglo Printers and our clients."

In his years working here, Andy has lived in his third house since leaving his parents' house in Trinity Gardens and has since met and married a lovely girl called Rhona and they have two beautiful children. He has spent more of his life in Anglo than not.

Andy has built up extensive prepress and graphic design expertise over the years. After a few years of working in Anglo Printers he was promoted to Prepress Manager, a position which he has held for quite a few years. We congratulate Andy on his work anniversary, and wish him health and happiness for another 25 years at Anglo Printers.



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